Workers Compensation

Employers pay Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums 

To ensure your Well Being 

when you're Injured on the Job or 

Suffer from Occupation-Related Diseases. 

You are entitled to receive Full Payment 

for the cost of all necessary medical treatment and hospital care, 

including physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses.

You also receive benefits if an Occupation-related 

Accident or Illness diminishes your Ability to Work or 

renders you unemployable. 

If the illness or injury results in death, 

Benefits are paid to your dependents. 

Workers compensation pays 

Unlimited Medical Expenses, and you pay NO Deductibles.

Workers Injured on the Job are Entitled to 

Workers' Compensation Benefits, 

which are available in various programs in all states. 

Worker compensation laws provide that the worker will be compensated for injuries that arise out of their employment. 

Maritime Injuries under the Jones Act

The Jones Act of 30 March 1920 provides an injured seaman a remedy against employers for injuries arising from negligent acts of the employer or co-workers during the course of employment on a vessel. Claims brought under the Jones Act can also raise claims against a vessel's owner that a vessel was un-seaworthy. If a seaman dies, a wrongful death claim may be based on the Jones Act, general maritime law, or on a separate federal statute, the Death on the High Seas Act.

Ray Calafell, Jr. PA 


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